Thursday, December 08, 2016

My First Day at Blogger>

At first thank you for visiting my site. The day was August, 8, 2011. That day, for the first time I registered on blogger. I've seen many elderly brothers to get popularity through blogging. From them I've got the inspiration of blogging. After thinking quite a lot I've got that it's great to share own knowledge to others. Besides, usually I believe that sharing own knowledge to others isn't bad at all but inspiration of learning increases through it. Guess almighty has created me to do something different and new out of doing his prayer. So all my eager is for learning new things and I'm also grateful to my creator for he has given me the interest to technology. Many of my acquaintances come to me to solve their mobile or computer related problems and by the grace of almighty I can help them. But why only acquaintances? I want to spread my helping hand to all the people around the world. This is the reason behind the creation of my blog site. In this age of information and technology I want that everybody can get help from the posts of this site. I seek for everybody's prayer so that I can go on perfectly. Thanks once again for visiting my site.

English to Bengali Dictionary
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  1. The concept of useing Dictionary is too good and also creative.thinks bro

  2. You're most welcome. Your comment, what ever it is, inspires me to do more creative things. :)

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