Sunday, May 13, 2012

Writing Bangla On web without software

Do you want to write and see Bengali (Bangla font) on internet while accessing through a mobile or computer? Well, you are in the right place. Follow these easy tips to use Bangla fonts on mobile and/or computer:

To Enable Bangla Reading and Writing on Mobile Phones

1.To see Bangla fonts on web, one needs to have java enabled mobile phone at first.

2. Installation of a compatible version of opera mini for the phone.

3. Write 'opera:config' on opera mini's address bar and then press 'Go'. You'll be redirected to opera mini's user agent setting page.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll see an option named 'use bitmap for complex scripts'. As default, the option is disabled. Enable the feature pressing 'Yes' from the drop-down menu of this option. Then press 'Save'

After making this little change on user agent setting, you'll be able to see any writing written in Bangla on web. If a phone doesn't have Bangla font pre-installed as writing language, you can still write Bangla on web using the phone.

To write Bangla on web, a mobile phone needs to have the compatibility of 'opera mini 5 or higher' or the phone needs to have 'copy-cut' feature. If your phone have compatibility on these issues, just go to Now write whatever you want on the text box on the page. Write just like you write Bangla using English alphabets. After finishing writing, press done or ok. The page will automatically be reloaded. Then you can see the converted fonts those you written in the blank box. On those Bangla fonts you'll see another editable text box where you'll see something like boxes. Those are the Bangla unicodes of the writings you wrote on first text box. Now copy those and paste on the text box where you want to write Bangla. You can write Bangla like this while sending emails, commenting on friends' wall posts on social networks or any other place on web. To see Bengali keymap, go here: AvroPhoneticKeymap.

To Enable Bangla Reading and Writing on Computer

Viewing and writing Bangla on compute is easier. You don't need to have specific web browser to read or write Bangla on web. The thing you need to have on your computer is, a unicode Bangla font installed in it. SolaimanLipi is a standard unicode Bangla font. Download it from here. Or write click on your mouse and click 'save link as' to download this font. After installing this font, you'll be able to read and write in Bangla on web. To install a font on computer, just copy or cut the font from the hard drive you kept the font and paste that on 'Fonts' folder, generally found in C://windows/Fonts. Just paste SolaimanLipi in this folder. The font will be installed.

One can write Bangla on web just as described above for writing Bangla using mobile phones. Click this link: OnlineWriteBanglaPad and write Bangla on web from computer following the instructions given in KeyMap. But you can directly do it using 'Avro keyboard'. Download Avro keyboard from here. Then follow the instructions given in that applications help tab to write Bangla correctly on web.

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