Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Useful Windows7 Desktop Gadgets

Desktop gadgets are the elements which help us to have several services right from our desktop. These are a kind of small application. Gadgets are little sized, easy to install but of great value sometimes. I'm telling gadgets are sometimes of great value, because all the gadgets aren't valuable. Some people use those gadgets only from personal choice or to decorate their desktop. Using too much unnecessary desktop gadgets also slows down PC. But a few important and useful gadgets don't do this.

From my personal experience, I've found some desktop gadgets very useful. They don't slow down PC but enhance PC experience. You can always look after of what is happening on your PC on the background of your current work. The gadgets are:

Uptime: Uptime is a tiny desktop gadget that shows how many times you're spending behind your PC. Besides this, you can find out how much time does your PC take to start up and get fully ready to operate.

It shows the time in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Network meter: There are several gadgets to show online data transfer but I've found Net Meter v8.1 as the best of all. It has the function of automatically detecting network devices. If you change the device without restarting your PC, just remove network meter gadget and then run it again. Network meter 8.1 will show the data transfer statistics.

It can calculate the total data usage of a month. The most interesting thing is, it's fully customizable.

CPU D: CPU D is the short form of CPU dial. It's a fantastic looking CPU meter gadget that shows the processor and RAM usage.

Its dialing pins moves very smoothly. In a word, it's a good and useful desktop gadget.


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