Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing The Amazing Java media Player: TTPod


Java is an extreme program. You can use java in your mobile computing device, personal computer and even in car. Android, the most popular mobile OS of present time, is written in j2me based language, which is a java programming. You can feature a java enabled phone like a smart phone. Only you need to know process. Most multimedia java phones are programmed with several multimedia features like media player, camera, sound recorder etc. All this features run on java codes. Besides you can install more application on a java featured phone. Today I’ll introduce an amazing media player application which will give you the smartest feel of media player on your loving low cost java phone.

Java platform 7 or higher is very appropriate for dealing with the applications that requires data access. It will better if your phone have the functionality of data accessing randomly with one permission. If you have this option on phone, you’ll be able to have random song playing on media player like TTPod.

You’ll have lot of music options on TTPod. The features you’ll get on TTPod is:

  • Fast scan of audio files
  • Creating customized playlist as ‘Favorite’.
  • Fast forward or fast rewind of music without pausing the music
  • Automatic lyric download and display of available audio
  • Repeat, shuffle, introduce playing of music
  • Keypad shortcut
  • Player user interface customization
  • Visualization
  • Album art show
  • Brightness and LED Backlit control
  • Several Languages are available
  • Player Skin changer

Besides the more you’ll explore this player, the more you’ll find amazing features.

Now have a look of the player


Home screen with visualization


TTPod Lyric Show

Lyric Show with highlight


Download TTPod v1.1

Download TTPod v1.4


Download skins for TTPod

Here the link of Skins for TTPod is given for 176x220 and 240x320 screen size. Soon this post will be updated with skins for other screen sizes.

Download Skins for 176x220 screens

Download Skins for 240x320 screens


How to use Skins

At first download the skins on a folder of your phone. Then extract the files to ‘Skins’, using ‘Power Grasp’. The folder, ‘Skins’ is located in the folder named ‘TTPod’ in phone’s file explorer.  The link is like: e:/media files/TTPod. Just extract the skins into this folder and then run TTPod. Then go to options and then go to Skins. You’ll be able to see the skins you’ve extracted to the ‘Skins’ folder.

All these has been done on Sony Ericsson K550i. Almost all other java phone’s will support this.


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