Friday, August 19, 2011

Automatic brightness controller

Sometimes we work on PC at night. At night working on PC for more than 3 hours affects our eye.
But low brightness can reduce this problem. Here I’m sharing an application that can control monitor
brightness with the change of time. This essential software is called ‘F.lux’

Click here to download the small program.

After download simply install ‘F.lux’. Now check that your computer’s brightness lows down if you run
computer at night. The more night increase the more the brightness lows down. For this, pressure of excess
light doesn’t fall on your eye. As a result you can work on PC till late hour of night from evening. Your
computer’s monitor brightness will reduce with the passage of time but you can’t realize that as you feel
comfort at that time for low light. But at day time low light from monitor harms the eye. So at that time
f.lux increases brightness in a balanced level so that you feel comfort working on pc. If you use f.lux
on your computer, you’ll never have to meet doctor for watching problem caused by excess work on PC. It is
proved. Many users of f.lux are happy with the fantastic statistic of this little program. So now don’t
delay, download and begin to enjoy working on PC painlessly for a lot of time.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Questions Related To UFO and Aliens

What’s not happening in this world everyday? Among the circumstances we can know about a few. Many thing are happening in our universe but we don’t know, even we can’t know. But our experiments and inventions are going on to know the unknown. The most important and a matter of discussion to all scientists of earth is UFO, which is unidentified flying object in full name.ufo scotland1947 This super natural but unidentified scientific conception is really a matter of surprise yet in this time of modern science and technology. The existence of aliens can be proved by the conception of UFO. Because UFO can’t be a transport or machine made by human. Even our rudder system can’t identify this thing. UFOs have been seen many times in earth. There are a lot of video footages those are enough to prove that there are really the existence of UFO and alien in our universe or outside of our universe. But many scientists don’t believe the existence of them. They take UFO and alien like the elements of a tale for little children. The questions are towards them. If UFO is a fake thing, are all the proves to identify them wrong? If there is no UFO, how and what pilots saw several times? How the cave picture of space ship and space suit found in the cave of thousands years old? How people could build a huge pyramid in a short time in primitive age? I think, none of the scientists may not answer these questions properly. In the caves of thousands years old the picture of space ship and the picture of space suited people have been found in many places. In great deserts like Sahara there are some landmarks which can only be identified when someone fly high from those by an aero plane. How man of ancient time made those landmarks? Even man imagines that somewhere aliens land on earth and make sexual relation with human. For that reason each year a lot of child take birth with autism. I don’t know how true is this. And I thing there are no scientific base of these kinds of sayings. I came to know about this matter in a program of Discovery channel. If it is true, then are aliens everywhere in this earth? And are they somewhere around us but we can’t identify them? These things proves that there may the existence of life outside of our universe. May be there are species like us in another planet who are much more advance than us. But if we see the statements on holy AL-Qur’an, all these things and conceptions are proved false. Because there are strong statement on holy Qur’an that life is existed in only a planet and that is earth. But again and again men are told to discover the wonders of Almighty’s creation. So man is too much curious to know the unknown. So still to many research are going on to find the real introduction of those unidentified flying objects found several times on earth. May be one day man will get the real prove.       

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Activating Email on Mobile Phone's Default Email Feature

Coming mails on mobile phone's default email function like SMS is an interesting thing. For this there is a little possibility of missing important mails. This service can be enjoyed on any mobile phone that has internet and default function. Now a days on high end mobile phones activating email function on default mailing feature is so easy. Just input the email address and password, the phone will automatically configure email on it. But those who haven't got this feature on their phone, this post is for them. At first select Email option from Message option Then click 'Create a new account' Now use the information below to configure email. Account Name: Any of your choice. (e.g: Gmail, hotmail, yahoo! mail etc)
Connect using: Any of the existing internet connection on phone

For Gmail

Email address: ………
Connection type: Select POP/IMAP
Incoming server: (For POP
) (For IMAP)
I recommend to use IMAP because it will store emails on your phone memory where POP will only keep recently coming emails.
User name: Full Email address
Password: Your emails password.
Outgoing Server:

If you get advanced setting, enter into it.

Your name: Write your name, not user ID
Signature: Write anything as your wish as a signature
Download S&R (Send and receive): Size Limit: (If there is an option for changing size limit, you can change it to any of the amount)
Check Interval:

If you have push email feature on your phone, keep check interval turned off. But if you don't have that push email feature, you can select any of the interval times as your wish

Push Email: (If have)

Sometimes turning on push email before first checking of email has kept disabled. If this feature is enabled, just turn on. If you can't turn on, just leave it and after your first checking of inbox 'Push email feature will ask your permission to be turned off or on if it is supported by the mail provider.

Allow Connection: Keep it 'Home network' if you want to enable 'Push Email'
Encryption: For both Incoming and outgoing server, use SSL
Outgoing Username and password:

Use the username and password of the ID from which you want to send mail. Mostly, it is your incoming mail username and password. You can use different username and password here to send mail from a different address.

Incoming and outgoing port: Sometimes it is automatically set to default port no. If not, use 995 for incoming port and 465 for outgoing port.

For Yahoo! Mail

Use same information as gmail. only use for POP

and for IMAP

Use your yahoo mail ID and Password as incoming and outgoing Username and password.

For hotmail

Same as gmail. Only use your MSN ID and password as incoming and outgoing Username and password.

Opera Mail

IMAP server: port: 993 (SSL only) SMTP server: port 465 (SSL only) or 587 (STARTTLS only)

After using these information properly, enjoy the cool feature of your phone's default email. From now, not a single email will be missed to check. Email will reach to your phone as soon as it reaches to server.

Storing mobile numbers on web

It's very important to store our mobile numbers. If once those are lost, it's very hard to manage those all. Mobile numbers can be lost for several reasons. One can lose those for factory resetting, flashing or updating phone without making backup of phonebook. On the other hand if you ever forget to take your phone outside with you, online backup may help you find your necessary phone number. Now let's see how we can store or backup phone numbers on web.

To store or backup phonebook on web, you'll need to synchronize your phonebook with web. There are several websites those provides phonebook synchronizing service. Facebook, google, pleex etc are like some examples. Among these, I've found google sync as the most convenient way of synchronizing contacts. Here I'll describe how to configure Google Sync on phone.


  • Internet and syncml enabled mobile phone
  • A Gmail ID

Now configure your phone using following information:

  • Give a name of your synchronization account. Usually 'Google sync' is used.
  • Use as server address.
  • Use your own gmail ID and password on 'Username' and 'Password' field.
  • Use your active internet profile on 'Connection' field and then click the check box of contacts in 'Application' Field.
  • Write 'contacts' in 'contact database' of 'Application setting'
  • Leave other fields unchanged. You may set 'Synchronization interval' as your wish.

Now synchronize all your contacts with your google account and enjoy managing your contacts from anywhere and any computing device with the help of internet.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

কম্পিউটারের Not responding সমস্যা ও তার সমাধান এবং এক সেকেন্ডের মধ্যে কম্পিউটার Shut down করা

আমরা যারা কম্পিউটারে Windows XP ব্যবহার করি, তাদের অনেককেই কোন Program এ কাজ করার পর তা বন্ধ করতে গেলে …….Not responding সমস্যার সম্মুক্ষিন হতে হয়। এ সমস্যা থেকে সহজেই রেহায় পাওয়া যায়। এটি করার জন্য প্রথমে Run এ গিয়ে regedit লিখুন এবং Enter চাপুন। এরপর যে Page টি আসবে, তার বাম দিকে দেখবেন Computer menu থেকে কতগুলো Sub menu দেখা যাচ্ছে। সেগুলোর মধ্য থেকে HKEY CURRENT USER Double Click করুন। এরপর যে Menu গুলো আসবে, সেগুলোর মধ্য থেকে Control Panel Double Click করুন। এরপর Desktop Single click করুন। এখন ডানপাশে যে লাইন গুলো আসবে, সেগুলোর মধ্য থেকে এ করুন এবং তারপর তে করুন। এখন এর পরিবর্তন করে শূণ্য এর পরিবর্তে এক করুন এবং শেষে টি কেটে দিন। এরপর থেকে দেখবেন সমস্যাটি আর হবে না।  

আমরা অনেক সময় বিদ্যুৎ চলে গেলেও প্রয়োজনীয় কাজ সম্পন্ন করার জন্য UPS এর বিদ্যুতে কাজ করি। কাজ শেষে অনেকেরই কম্পিউটার Shut down করার আগেই UPS এর Power শেষ হয়ে কম্পিউটার বন্ধ হয়ে যায়। যা খুবই বিরক্তিকর। কিন্ত আপনি যদি এক নিমিষেই কম্পিউটার বন্ধ করতে পারতেন, তাহলে বিষয়টা খুবই ভাল হত। এটি করার জন্য Super Fast Shutdown নামে একটি Software install করতে হবে। নিচের Link Click করে এটি Install করুন। 

এখন দেখবেন, Desktop এ দুটি Shortcut এসেছে, একটি Super fast shutdown এবং আরেকটি Super fast reboot Super fast shutdown Click করে এক নিমিষেই কম্পিউটার Shut down এবং Super fast reboot Click করে এক নিমিষেই restart করা যায়। এখন আপনার কাজ শেষ হওয়ার সাথে সাথে UPS এর Power শেষ হওয়ার আগেই কম্পিউটার বন্ধ করে দিতে পারবেন।