Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Activating Email on Mobile Phone's Default Email Feature

Coming mails on mobile phone's default email function like SMS is an interesting thing. For this there is a little possibility of missing important mails. This service can be enjoyed on any mobile phone that has internet and default function. Now a days on high end mobile phones activating email function on default mailing feature is so easy. Just input the email address and password, the phone will automatically configure email on it. But those who haven't got this feature on their phone, this post is for them. At first select Email option from Message option Then click 'Create a new account' Now use the information below to configure email. Account Name: Any of your choice. (e.g: Gmail, hotmail, yahoo! mail etc)
Connect using: Any of the existing internet connection on phone

For Gmail

Email address: ………
Connection type: Select POP/IMAP
Incoming server: (For POP
) (For IMAP)
I recommend to use IMAP because it will store emails on your phone memory where POP will only keep recently coming emails.
User name: Full Email address
Password: Your emails password.
Outgoing Server:

If you get advanced setting, enter into it.

Your name: Write your name, not user ID
Signature: Write anything as your wish as a signature
Download S&R (Send and receive): Size Limit: (If there is an option for changing size limit, you can change it to any of the amount)
Check Interval:

If you have push email feature on your phone, keep check interval turned off. But if you don't have that push email feature, you can select any of the interval times as your wish

Push Email: (If have)

Sometimes turning on push email before first checking of email has kept disabled. If this feature is enabled, just turn on. If you can't turn on, just leave it and after your first checking of inbox 'Push email feature will ask your permission to be turned off or on if it is supported by the mail provider.

Allow Connection: Keep it 'Home network' if you want to enable 'Push Email'
Encryption: For both Incoming and outgoing server, use SSL
Outgoing Username and password:

Use the username and password of the ID from which you want to send mail. Mostly, it is your incoming mail username and password. You can use different username and password here to send mail from a different address.

Incoming and outgoing port: Sometimes it is automatically set to default port no. If not, use 995 for incoming port and 465 for outgoing port.

For Yahoo! Mail

Use same information as gmail. only use for POP

and for IMAP

Use your yahoo mail ID and Password as incoming and outgoing Username and password.

For hotmail

Same as gmail. Only use your MSN ID and password as incoming and outgoing Username and password.

Opera Mail

IMAP server: port: 993 (SSL only) SMTP server: port 465 (SSL only) or 587 (STARTTLS only)

After using these information properly, enjoy the cool feature of your phone's default email. From now, not a single email will be missed to check. Email will reach to your phone as soon as it reaches to server.

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