Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing The Amazing Java media Player: TTPod


Java is an extreme program. You can use java in your mobile computing device, personal computer and even in car. Android, the most popular mobile OS of present time, is written in j2me based language, which is a java programming. You can feature a java enabled phone like a smart phone. Only you need to know process. Most multimedia java phones are programmed with several multimedia features like media player, camera, sound recorder etc. All this features run on java codes. Besides you can install more application on a java featured phone. Today I’ll introduce an amazing media player application which will give you the smartest feel of media player on your loving low cost java phone.

Java platform 7 or higher is very appropriate for dealing with the applications that requires data access. It will better if your phone have the functionality of data accessing randomly with one permission. If you have this option on phone, you’ll be able to have random song playing on media player like TTPod.

You’ll have lot of music options on TTPod. The features you’ll get on TTPod is:

  • Fast scan of audio files
  • Creating customized playlist as ‘Favorite’.
  • Fast forward or fast rewind of music without pausing the music
  • Automatic lyric download and display of available audio
  • Repeat, shuffle, introduce playing of music
  • Keypad shortcut
  • Player user interface customization
  • Visualization
  • Album art show
  • Brightness and LED Backlit control
  • Several Languages are available
  • Player Skin changer

Besides the more you’ll explore this player, the more you’ll find amazing features.

Now have a look of the player


Home screen with visualization


TTPod Lyric Show

Lyric Show with highlight


Download TTPod v1.1

Download TTPod v1.4


Download skins for TTPod

Here the link of Skins for TTPod is given for 176x220 and 240x320 screen size. Soon this post will be updated with skins for other screen sizes.

Download Skins for 176x220 screens

Download Skins for 240x320 screens


How to use Skins

At first download the skins on a folder of your phone. Then extract the files to ‘Skins’, using ‘Power Grasp’. The folder, ‘Skins’ is located in the folder named ‘TTPod’ in phone’s file explorer.  The link is like: e:/media files/TTPod. Just extract the skins into this folder and then run TTPod. Then go to options and then go to Skins. You’ll be able to see the skins you’ve extracted to the ‘Skins’ folder.

All these has been done on Sony Ericsson K550i. Almost all other java phone’s will support this.


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Friday, July 06, 2012

Easiest way to protect personal computer data from copying to external or removable device by unauthorized people.

Sometimes both in office or home computer we become victim of theft of our personal data. But we can’t even catch what the person near you have done on your computer in your absence. There are a lot of ways to protect personal data from being stolen by unauthorized people. But a few days ago I’ve found the easiest way to do this job.

It’s a little software but it is too much helpful to do this job.

The name of the software is PREVENT.

Use of Prevent:

  • At first simply install the program.
  • You’ll better delete the shortcut from desktop after installation is done.
  • Open Prevent from the folder you installed it
  • Then click active.


  • Then close the window and check that all your copy, cut, delete and send to option is hidden.
  • You can change the default hotkey, (Ctrl+P) by holding down the Ctrl button and then pressing any key from your keyboard’s first row.
  • To exit prevent, press the hotkey you’ve made on Prevent.

Download Prevent v1.0



N. B: Files can be copied by drag and drop.  Other tasks (Delete, cut, rename and send to buttons are disabled while running Prevent.)

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Automatically Connect to Internet with the start Up of your Windows 7

Some times we need to connect our computer to internet for several purposes. On the other hand, for connecting computer in a possible faster way, automatic connection is needed. Some PCs are configured with automatic connection. But some PCs are not. The users of such kind of PC face difficulties to connect their PC to Internet at start up. Below the solution is given with necessary screen shots:

1. At first go to control panel and look for ‘Network and Sharing Center’ and then enter the option.

Control Panel


2. Now click ‘Internet Options’.

Internet Options


3. When the internet options window will appear, switch to ‘Connections’ Tab.

Internet Options 2


4. After that click ‘Set default’ Option.

Internet Options 3


5. Then click ‘Always dial my default connection’.

Internet Options 4-1


6. At last, save the changes by clicking apply and then OK.

Internet Options 4


Automatic connection works only when your internet connection device is inserted with your computer.  After making all the changes re start your computer. You’ll then find a dialing dialogue box and after a few seconds your computer will be automatically connected to internet. Automatic connection is mostly recommended to the people who use avast antivirus on their computer. Without automatic connection, automatic update of Avast antivirus may hampered.

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Write and Read Bangla On Web on mobiles that doesn’t support Bangla

Bangla is now the 5th largest spoken language in the world. Now in the time of web, the use of Bangla has been increased vastly. Users of internet has also been increased in Bangladesh. Now many Bangladeshis write their status message, write blog and many other things in Bangla. But who use mobile phone, can’t read or write Bangla on web if their phone doesn’t support Bangla. Opera mini has brought the solution. You can both write and read Bangla on web using a opera mini web browser on your compatible handset.


Reading Bangla:

Don’t worry if your phone has no Bangla language support. You can easily see Bangla writing on web using opera mini. For this you’ll need to make a simple change in opera mini’s user agent setting. To do this tusk,

  • Click opera mini’s address bar and write ‘opera:config’ and press go.
  • When user agent setting page will appear, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • You’ll see an option named ‘Use bitmap for complex fonts’. In default mode, the option is kept disabled. Enable it by making changing the setting to ‘Yes’ from ‘No’.
  • Now click ‘Save’ and leave the page pressing ‘#4’

That’s all about enabling Bangla viewing feature as a complex script on opera mini. The phone that has in build Bangla font viewing feature, will not need the described process to view Bangla. Normally the phones shows Bangla Fonts.

The change of the setting is only for all versions of opera mini. Opera mobile doesn’t need this change.


Writing Bangla:

From now, you can write Bangla on web using your mobile phone even if that has no Bangla font installed in that’s system memory. It’s as simple as drinking water. Only you need to write Bangla on web is,

  • A opera mini or opera mobile browser
  • Copy, cut and paste option in phone’s default system

Now let’s come to the point. Just open opera mini and go to ‘’ . Here you’ll see a blank box in the header ‘Bangla Input Box’. Here write the Bangla sentence in English alphabet and after writing press OK. Then You’ll see the some boxes in the box, under the header named ‘Convert English to Bangla’. Those are the unsupported Bangla fonts those has been converted from the English alphabets you wrote on Bangla input Box’. Now copy the unsupported texts and paste wherever you want.

Now enjoy reading and writing your favorite language, Bangla on web using your mobile, just like you do on your PC.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Advantages of using trusted application on mobile phone.

Now a day mobile phones has been made high end. We want to bring everything into our hand. So, mobile phones are no longer been used for making voice call or receiving it. Now we can surf Internet, send text messages, emails, capture images, record sound and video and much more. Even our modern phones are various application supported. We can download and install our necessary and emergency tools on our phones. A lot of application has been made and developed. But some of those are certified by trusted supplier or third party and those applications are safe to run on mobile phone.

There are some reasons for installing third party trusted application on mobile. Those are:

  • Keeping phone free from errors.
  • Preventing hackers to hack phone while using an un-trusted web application like opera mini, facebook etc.
  • Stopping permission for data access each time of running the application.

  • To install third party trusted software on mobile phone, the phone is to be checked that it is certificate supported or not. If yes, then you may freely install trusted applications. If not, you’ll not be allowed to install those on phone.

    Some phones automatically disable the permission for data access for the application that is from trusted supplier. If you find that your phone is asking for permission to access data each time you run the application though the application is trusted, you’ll need to change the permission setting manually. Go to phone’s application data access permission setting and enable ‘Always allow’ wherever the function is found. After doing this, the application will automatically access your phone’s data. Un-trusted application has no option to make it allowed to access data automatically.

    Which phones are certificate supported:

    Most of the Sony Ericsson phones are made with trusted certificates. You’ll find a lot of certificates preloaded into it. On the other hand, Some Nokia, Samsung and some other phones also support certificate.

    Some software and trusted application downloading sources:

    Here is some software those we use most of the time because those are essential.

  • Opera Mini: Opern your phone's default web browser and write ' on address box. Then click 'Other downloading options, then scroll down, you'll find 'Options for Opera mini (any of the compatible versioin) Click on 'Select code signing certificate' and than click any of the certificate and the download of the signed version opera mini will begin.

  • Facebook For Every phone:

  • UC Browser:

  • If you download the applications on your PC, you’ll need to transfer those to mobile using data cable, Bluetooth, card or any other possible way. After the transfer is complete, click on the .jad file, download of the software will be started. Download these popular software from the link given above and enjoy the application just like your phone function.

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