Friday, July 06, 2012

Easiest way to protect personal computer data from copying to external or removable device by unauthorized people.

Sometimes both in office or home computer we become victim of theft of our personal data. But we can’t even catch what the person near you have done on your computer in your absence. There are a lot of ways to protect personal data from being stolen by unauthorized people. But a few days ago I’ve found the easiest way to do this job.

It’s a little software but it is too much helpful to do this job.

The name of the software is PREVENT.

Use of Prevent:

  • At first simply install the program.
  • You’ll better delete the shortcut from desktop after installation is done.
  • Open Prevent from the folder you installed it
  • Then click active.


  • Then close the window and check that all your copy, cut, delete and send to option is hidden.
  • You can change the default hotkey, (Ctrl+P) by holding down the Ctrl button and then pressing any key from your keyboard’s first row.
  • To exit prevent, press the hotkey you’ve made on Prevent.

Download Prevent v1.0



N. B: Files can be copied by drag and drop.  Other tasks (Delete, cut, rename and send to buttons are disabled while running Prevent.)

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