Friday, July 06, 2012

Automatically Connect to Internet with the start Up of your Windows 7

Some times we need to connect our computer to internet for several purposes. On the other hand, for connecting computer in a possible faster way, automatic connection is needed. Some PCs are configured with automatic connection. But some PCs are not. The users of such kind of PC face difficulties to connect their PC to Internet at start up. Below the solution is given with necessary screen shots:

1. At first go to control panel and look for ‘Network and Sharing Center’ and then enter the option.

Control Panel


2. Now click ‘Internet Options’.

Internet Options


3. When the internet options window will appear, switch to ‘Connections’ Tab.

Internet Options 2


4. After that click ‘Set default’ Option.

Internet Options 3


5. Then click ‘Always dial my default connection’.

Internet Options 4-1


6. At last, save the changes by clicking apply and then OK.

Internet Options 4


Automatic connection works only when your internet connection device is inserted with your computer.  After making all the changes re start your computer. You’ll then find a dialing dialogue box and after a few seconds your computer will be automatically connected to internet. Automatic connection is mostly recommended to the people who use avast antivirus on their computer. Without automatic connection, automatic update of Avast antivirus may hampered.

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