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Advantages of using trusted application on mobile phone.

Now a day mobile phones has been made high end. We want to bring everything into our hand. So, mobile phones are no longer been used for making voice call or receiving it. Now we can surf Internet, send text messages, emails, capture images, record sound and video and much more. Even our modern phones are various application supported. We can download and install our necessary and emergency tools on our phones. A lot of application has been made and developed. But some of those are certified by trusted supplier or third party and those applications are safe to run on mobile phone.

There are some reasons for installing third party trusted application on mobile. Those are:

  • Keeping phone free from errors.
  • Preventing hackers to hack phone while using an un-trusted web application like opera mini, facebook etc.
  • Stopping permission for data access each time of running the application.

  • To install third party trusted software on mobile phone, the phone is to be checked that it is certificate supported or not. If yes, then you may freely install trusted applications. If not, you’ll not be allowed to install those on phone.

    Some phones automatically disable the permission for data access for the application that is from trusted supplier. If you find that your phone is asking for permission to access data each time you run the application though the application is trusted, you’ll need to change the permission setting manually. Go to phone’s application data access permission setting and enable ‘Always allow’ wherever the function is found. After doing this, the application will automatically access your phone’s data. Un-trusted application has no option to make it allowed to access data automatically.

    Which phones are certificate supported:

    Most of the Sony Ericsson phones are made with trusted certificates. You’ll find a lot of certificates preloaded into it. On the other hand, Some Nokia, Samsung and some other phones also support certificate.

    Some software and trusted application downloading sources:

    Here is some software those we use most of the time because those are essential.

  • Opera Mini: Opern your phone's default web browser and write ' on address box. Then click 'Other downloading options, then scroll down, you'll find 'Options for Opera mini (any of the compatible versioin) Click on 'Select code signing certificate' and than click any of the certificate and the download of the signed version opera mini will begin.

  • Facebook For Every phone:

  • UC Browser:

  • If you download the applications on your PC, you’ll need to transfer those to mobile using data cable, Bluetooth, card or any other possible way. After the transfer is complete, click on the .jad file, download of the software will be started. Download these popular software from the link given above and enjoy the application just like your phone function.

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