Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fast Stone Image Software-A smart software to work on Photos

In this digital and modern world almost we have owned a camera. We like to capture our moments, we like to share our views, our experience that happens to our life with our friends and family. We want to save our photos captured by us so that we can get back to the moment captured into the photo. For this sometimes we need to resize the photo or do other works as our wish on the photo. Here I'm sharing two image tools from same Software to help you resizing, rotating, cropping and doing some other things on your photo.

The two tools are:

  • Fast Stone Image viewer
  • Fast Stone Image re-sizer

  • Fast Stone Image Viewer:

    Fast stone image viwer is a multitask software to work on images. You can do everything with it. Cropping, resizing, changing color, rotating has been made simple here. Any one even a beginner of computer can deal with it. With this software you can also capture screen shot in 4 options. You'll find many other tools in it.

    Fast Stone Image Re-sizer:

    It's another part of Fast stone software. You can re-size photos from Fast stone image viewer or other photo editing tools to. But normally you have to do re sizing work one by one for each photos using those tools. Using Fast Stone Image Re-sizer you can resize hundreds of photos once at a time. It has default photo resizing mode, but you can customize it clicking the advanced option on the bottom right portion of the tool. So, your digital camera's picnic photos are too big to upload on web and share with friends? Do hurry and

    There are many other software to work on photos. But I have a good experience with these two photo tools. These are easy and convenient to work on photos. I hope you'll also like it. Feel free to comment about your experience or problem about these two softwares.

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