Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Antivirus For Java/J2ME feature phone

Yahoo!!! Who needs a real working antivirus for j2me/java feature phone? Here are I'm giving two. These applications really work.



Here the 'commwarrior' antivirus is only for detecting 'commwarrior' virus, which is a communication based virus that may come by a wireless sharing system. It only scan this kind of virus. So if there is no commwarriors virus in your mobile, this antivirus will scan your phone in seconds. You may think that this is a fake application for its such kind of behavior. But believe it or not!! I got this is a real antivirus application which is really workable. I ran it on my bluetooth virus affected Sony Ericsson java phone and I got the result. I could again receive files on my Sony Ericsson after scanning by this antivirus. Though commwarrior antivirus will prompt in seconds that no commwarrior was found. So I was a little bit confused about it's function.

Then I tried kaspersky java antivirus. It behaves like real antivirus. I mean, it will take time to scan your phone and you'll see the progress bar. Kaspersky shows virus quantity if it remains on both phone and external memory. The fact is, this antivirus is not in English language. So you may worry about how you'll remove the viruses those have been found in your phone. Keep faith. Nothing to be worried. Just re-start the application and re-scan. You'll see no virus in scan result. You may make sure re-starting your phone. Again run a full scan to see if the viruses come back or not. Hope you'll see no virus again before again any virus attacks your phone.

Now what are you planning, guys? Nothing to do delay. Download and enjoy your secure java mobile phone.

Ease of Extract: These files are in zip format. So you may not be able to extract or install these on your java enabled phone. For your ease of extraction, here I'm giving you Jzip manager, an extreme application to extract zip fies on java phones. Extract those two antivirus to your suitable directory and install.

My experience: My mum's Sony Ericsson K750i phone was recently affected by virus. The phone memory was gradually decreasing though there was nothing in phone memory except a few applications, games and some preloaded protected system files. I didn't have chance to flash or update in my home as my PC's motherboard was crashed. So I was searchin for alternatives. Then I trieds these two applications. And what an amazing! I could recover all 25 MB phone memory without deleting any files from phone memory. When virus attacked, there was only 512 KB rest in phone memory. But after scanning, it increased to 25 MB. So after getting this amazing result I came to know, these two antivirus really work.

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