Friday, August 19, 2011

Automatic brightness controller

Sometimes we work on PC at night. At night working on PC for more than 3 hours affects our eye.
But low brightness can reduce this problem. Here I’m sharing an application that can control monitor
brightness with the change of time. This essential software is called ‘F.lux’

Click here to download the small program.

After download simply install ‘F.lux’. Now check that your computer’s brightness lows down if you run
computer at night. The more night increase the more the brightness lows down. For this, pressure of excess
light doesn’t fall on your eye. As a result you can work on PC till late hour of night from evening. Your
computer’s monitor brightness will reduce with the passage of time but you can’t realize that as you feel
comfort at that time for low light. But at day time low light from monitor harms the eye. So at that time
f.lux increases brightness in a balanced level so that you feel comfort working on pc. If you use f.lux
on your computer, you’ll never have to meet doctor for watching problem caused by excess work on PC. It is
proved. Many users of f.lux are happy with the fantastic statistic of this little program. So now don’t
delay, download and begin to enjoy working on PC painlessly for a lot of time.


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