Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Questions Related To UFO and Aliens

What’s not happening in this world everyday? Among the circumstances we can know about a few. Many thing are happening in our universe but we don’t know, even we can’t know. But our experiments and inventions are going on to know the unknown. The most important and a matter of discussion to all scientists of earth is UFO, which is unidentified flying object in full name.ufo scotland1947 This super natural but unidentified scientific conception is really a matter of surprise yet in this time of modern science and technology. The existence of aliens can be proved by the conception of UFO. Because UFO can’t be a transport or machine made by human. Even our rudder system can’t identify this thing. UFOs have been seen many times in earth. There are a lot of video footages those are enough to prove that there are really the existence of UFO and alien in our universe or outside of our universe. But many scientists don’t believe the existence of them. They take UFO and alien like the elements of a tale for little children. The questions are towards them. If UFO is a fake thing, are all the proves to identify them wrong? If there is no UFO, how and what pilots saw several times? How the cave picture of space ship and space suit found in the cave of thousands years old? How people could build a huge pyramid in a short time in primitive age? I think, none of the scientists may not answer these questions properly. In the caves of thousands years old the picture of space ship and the picture of space suited people have been found in many places. In great deserts like Sahara there are some landmarks which can only be identified when someone fly high from those by an aero plane. How man of ancient time made those landmarks? Even man imagines that somewhere aliens land on earth and make sexual relation with human. For that reason each year a lot of child take birth with autism. I don’t know how true is this. And I thing there are no scientific base of these kinds of sayings. I came to know about this matter in a program of Discovery channel. If it is true, then are aliens everywhere in this earth? And are they somewhere around us but we can’t identify them? These things proves that there may the existence of life outside of our universe. May be there are species like us in another planet who are much more advance than us. But if we see the statements on holy AL-Qur’an, all these things and conceptions are proved false. Because there are strong statement on holy Qur’an that life is existed in only a planet and that is earth. But again and again men are told to discover the wonders of Almighty’s creation. So man is too much curious to know the unknown. So still to many research are going on to find the real introduction of those unidentified flying objects found several times on earth. May be one day man will get the real prove.       

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