Monday, October 15, 2012

What experts tell about boosting up Ad units on Google Adsense program

Few days ago a very important IT seminar was held in China-Bangladesh Friendship center. A lot of IT specialist gathered there and shared their views with each other. They gave their precious speech in that seminar of GBG (Google Business group). Bangladeshi outsourcing giant, IT institute, the most popular figure, DevsTeam was also there. In that seminar DevsTeam CCO Nasir Uddin Shamim presented a very good presentation of Google adsense. Idea of boosting up Ad units on Adsense program was enough clearly expressed in that presentation. See the presentation given below. Try developing your site according to the instructions given in the presentation. Earning by adsense program is easy but you'll have to apply the most reliable idea of your contents and ad posting. Always there is a saying remains that test and test. Know adsense, apply your knowledge, innovate new ideas to get a great profit from your site through Google adsense.

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